D'Magic R-wing Sports S13 Luxury Spoiler Set

This D’Magic R-Wing Sports S13 Luxury Spoiler Set is suited for the 1/10 Yokomo S13. This kit features 2 spoilers a roof spoiler and the rear spoiler, it is made from urethane plastic and painted in black.
The kit will be sold painted in black but can be changed and will be available for less than $20 USD. These are limited production runs so you may have to wait in order for yours to be made!

D’Magic R-wing Sports S13 Luxury Spoiler Set Part Number: DM2-600

Spoiler body (two): urethane plastic (molded color / black)
How to handle
There is the case that the nature of the urethane resin molding, pinhole hole or the like is generated slightly. Please perform a surface treatment where necessary, using a primer-surfacer or the like. As for painting, it is recommended to use the model for lacquer-based paint. If you do the clear coat in the case of paint in the color polycarbonate, it becomes more beautiful finish. You are designed in consideration of strength, but please avoid the impact or the like large-bending strongly body.
Source: D’Magic

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