Demi Works FD RX-7 Body Kit Set

Check out the latest creation from Demi Works RC Body Accessories! This body kit is made for the Tamiya RX-7 FD3S (51270) body, and will give your ride a fresh look. Demi Works RC Body Accessories has been making body kits, engine bays for quite some time, and this is no exception. This kit is available now from Demi Works RC Body Accessories.

High quality 2 pc body kit which fits perfectly for Tamiya Mazda RX-7 (51270). DWRX7RB-B Expands the bodyshell from the orginal 187mm to 200mm! After modifications may fit other manufacturers Mazda RX-7 bodies.
This is a clear polycarbonate kit and requires cutting and painting; overspray film protection is included.
Demi Works RX-7 FD3S Body Kit RB

  • DWRX7RB-A (RX-7 RB Set -A contains Trunk Wing +Front Bumper ) Price : €19
  • DWRX7RB-B (RX-7 RB Set -B contains Fenders Set + Side Step ) Price: €20

Source: Demi Works RC Body Accessories

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