Demi Works RC Body Engine Bays

Demi Works is back with another set of engine bays ready to go, order now before they are sold out again 🙂 This is another exciting release for visitors! Demi Works aka Demi76 who you may have seen featured here before for his amazing works! We are proud to announce the release of 3D engine bays, and ducktail wings from Demi Works.
These new engine bays are not produced on the large scale and will be made upon a completed order. You will now be able to achieve the maximum realism of the following engines! Toyota 2JZ, Toyota 4AGE, Nissan RB25 DET, *NEW* Nissan SR20DET, *NEW* American V8. The engine bay product package includes 1 PETg engine bay, 1 plastic 3D engine, engine bay accessories, and the strut bar. The price will be €16 Euros + Shipping, the product will require painting and it is important to note there is no over spray protective film on the PETg engine bay.
The *NEW* rear ducktail wings are made for Yokomo AE86 Coupe and Yokomo S13 / Onevia. These wings are also suitable for R2 Hobbies bodies. They are available for € 11 + shipping and can be ordered using the form below!

[alert type=”blue”]Please keep in mind Demi Works is not an RC Dealer he is an artist/hobbyist. Orders/engine bay will be made on current time, so sometimes you have to wait 48 hours after payment.[/alert]

[alert type=”red”]Order form closed until current orders are fulfilled! Stay tuned![/alert]