Eagle Racing R31-FM Full Front Motor Chassis

Eagle Racing has just released new versions Eagle R31-FM (Front Motor) GRT chassis. To compete with the Sakura D3 CS Sport Front motor chassis, now Eagle has the full R31-FM chassis available!. Now you no longer need a donor chassis, Eagle Racing has released the R31-FM chassis in full! You are now able to get it fully assembled or in kit form. No more searching for remaining parts of anyone that wanted to build it from scratch (no donor) with the conversion kit.
The fully assembled version is only available in Eagle light blue. The kit version are available in light blue and gold anodized aluminum colours. The new GRT front motor mount position is the new trend in drifting performance. The new R31 GRT chassis conversion will add better styling and rigidity to the existing chassis. Eagle continues to expand their ever growing GRT line-up, pretty soon there will be a GRT equivalent for every chassis.

Eagle Racing R31 GRT Front Mount Chassis

  • Part Number: R31-16FM-KIT (light blue kit) or R31-16FM-KIT-GO (gold kit) or R31-16FM-KIT-LB (fully assembled light blue)
  • Available in Kit or Fully assembled version
  • Graphite GRT main chassis
  • Graphite GRT top plate for stability and rigidity
  • Graphite GRT damper stays
  • Graphite GRT battery holder
  • Graphite GRT front bumper plate
  • Graphite GRT battery holder
  • Aluminum Front motor mount
  • Aluminum Pulleys
  • Aluminum Solid Axle
  • Aluminum braces, supports, mounting posts, washers
  • 1.557 countersteer CS Ratio.
  • Multiple lateral battery mounting positions
  • Large dual layer rear diffuser
  • and much more!

Approximate MSRP: ¥32800JPY

Source: Eagle Racing

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