enRoute CROBI 3 Sensored Brushless Combo

enRoute is relatively new electronic, but is working to develop and produce better esc’s, brushless motors, and accessories for RC cars; whether for TC Racing or RC Drifting application. enRoute products are engineered to exceed your expectations for design and performance. During their introduction of these electronic systems in late 2011, their entire line of products were always sold out due to the high demand. They are finally back in stock for the 2012 year, so get them while they last.

The enRoute Motor and ESC product line is as follows.
XR Sensor-less Brushless Motors
A sensor-less type brushless 540 size motor. Nothing fancy, just the typical high performance brushless motor.
Approximate MSRP: ¥6100JPY
XR-S Sensor Brushless Motors

A sensor type brushless 540 size motor with adjustable timing. This is a high performance brushless motor made for RC racing and drifting applications. This motor is JMRCA approved for modified stock class racing. The combination of small diameter rotor increases the kV rating and produces more power. The trade-off is a minor loss in efficiency and torque, but greater power delivery.
Approximate MSRP: ¥7500JPY
YR-S Brushless Sensor Brushless Motor

A sensor type brushless 540 size motor with adjustable timing. This motor is mild in nature and is easy for beginners starting into brushless motors. For anyone seeking a high powered application the XR-S line of motors are recommended. Available from 8.5T to 13.5T.
Approximate MSRP: ¥5000JPY
JXR Crobi 3 ESC

The Crobi 3 is designed for both sensor and sensor-less brushless motors. The low loss FET is utilized as a better medium for better power management, which results in better performance and smoother control. The Crobi 3 ESC can be used for racing or drifting applications, it is very capable in high load applications. There are also special programs on the Crobi 3 ESC for best match to ZR-s/XR-s series of sensor motors. This ESC is also capable of boost or turbo mode. enRoute warns that if boost or turbo modes are utilized, then it must be used with an enRoute motor, otherwise the product warranty will be void.

  • To change the setting, a separate program for CROBI 3 card is required
  • Motor support: 17.5T from ZR-s/XR-s3.5T with sensors, Proton series (compatible with proper load range. Or overload, such as fuel, throttle-intensive work, not made sufficient cooling of the ESC may work in a protected situation)
  • Compatible Battery: NiMH4-9 cell / Lipo2-3 cells
  • Output BEC: 6V/3A
  • Size: 40mm (L) x 37mm (W) x 34mm (H) excluding protrusions Weight: 98g
  • Program Card for Crobi 3

  • Optional CROBI special ESC program card sold separately
  • NEON and traditional, are not compatible with the XRE series

  • The program card allow configuration for the follow settings.
    1. Cut-off voltage:
    2. Mode:
    3. Motor timing
    4. Adjustment punch:
    5. Back Power:
    6. Throttle limit:
    7. Braking rate:
    8. Drag Brake
    09. Motor direction of rotation:
    10. Neutral Range:
    11. Turbo Timing:
    12. Rpm boost start:
    13. Turbo delay:
    Source: enRoute JXR

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