Enroute JXR Caster Hubs

enRoute has announced release of new front caster hubs for any JXR based chassis. The new aluminum caster hub is available 8 degrees caster angles. The new caster hub has been designed to have little impact on the turning angle. The new caster hub has been reshaped to reduce interference with dog-bones. These new caster hubs are ideal for high camber applications.

High caster angle is especially useful for countersteer CS modified drift RC chassis. It can improve the steering angle and create more stability in an RC drift chassis. The new C-hub adds trailing or positive caster angle to the chassis, which can generate greater stability for counter-steer RC drifting. High caster angle is useful to a certain point, after which it causes more harm than good. Make sure you understand the affects of this option part before purchasing. Recommended for more experienced drift RC enthusiasts.

  • New shape for less interference with universal driveshafts
  • Allows for high camber application
  • New design does not interfere with steering angles
  • 8 degree castor angle aluminum C-hub
  • Compatible with enRoute JXR and JXR v2 chassis
  • Approximate MSRP: ¥1,890JPY
  • Source: enRoute Japan

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