February 2016 RC Drift Body of The Month Winner

2016 is off to another great start with this winning Overdose Toyota Cresta by jcearn! DriftMission Forums RC Drift Body of The Month contest can now announce a winner! Full voting details are posted below the photos. Thanks to everyone who entered and voted!
If you are interested in entering or voting for the DriftMission RC Drift Body of The Month contest click here.
Design: This is a replica of suguru ishiai’s toyota Cresta. Zerofeel custom vinyl wrap
Body: Overdose Cresta with overdose 3D light graphics
Paint: Tamiya, can’t remember the codes as it was about 6 different colours.
Tires: front Mst FRF, rear:mst csre
Accessories: FC rx7 custom cut, with speedway pal mounts, custom boot wrap, leather vinyl roof
Description: I want to thank my boys over at zerofeel.com for making this build 100% better than I could

storey618 – 1st Gen Chevrolet Camaro

2 11.11%
n2rc – Mazda FD3S

3 16.67%
photocycler – Toyota AE86

6 33.33%
jcearn – Toyota Chaser

7 38.89%
NorCoRyX – BMW M3

0 0%
Total 18 vote(s) 100%

Source: DriftMission Forums

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