January 2016 RC Drift Body of The Month Winner

2016 is off to another great start with this winning Rocket Bunny S13 from inittowinit! DriftMission Forums RC Drift Body of The Month contest can now announce a winner! Full voting details are posted below the photos. Thanks to everyone who entered and voted!
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Design: Rocket Bunny wide-body
Body: ABC Hobby S13 Silvia
Paint: Tamiya PS1, PS3, PS5, Spax Stix matte clear on the exterior over the PS3, Testors hot magenta roll cage
Wheels: Top Line NF Wheel 8mm offset
Tires: DS Racing F-One
Accessories: Full Addiction Rocket Bunny S13 kit and 180SX front canard, My Trick RC light kit, rccars.co turbo, Rarelabs sticker kit
Description: I was inspired by those always cool Japanese gas station pics of full rocket bunny kits and the challenge of the 25+ body accessories and 150+ mini screws.

Poll: January 2016 RC Drift Body of The Month Contest
Gaelen – Skyline R34

Chris209 – BMW 3 Series

toprak_tan – Chevrolet Camaro

Ebbicake – Mazda FC3S

inittowinit – S13 Rocket Bunny

Total 100%

Source: DriftMission Forums

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