Fijon Models MS-01D Carbon Fiber Upgrade Kit

Fijon Models has recently released a carbon upgrade for the MST MS-01D chassis. The new carbon fiber and glass fiber upgrade parts are designed and produced by Fijon themselves. The new upgrade kit looks quite impressive, especially with the white and silver carbon styling. Fijon claims that these parts are made from good quality pure carbon fiber and glass fiber. All Fijon parts are manufactured by high precision CNC machines. The fitment to the MS-01D chassis has been tested multiple times and fits to 99% precision.

Fijon Models has been producing radio control models and conversion kits for some time now. Many have seen their products but may not necessarily have known that it is produced by Fijon. The most notable being the OTA/TEH-R31 Dancing Fire upgrade kit. Other well known Fijon kit is the Tamiya TA05 and 416 MDF conversion kit (FJ-FDC-I, FJ FDC-II, FJ-TA05MDF and FJ-416MDF), they also have an upgrade kit for the Tamiya TB-03 chassis. Their kits look to be good quality and available at a very low cost, this may be a good option for the budget drifters everywhere. R2 hobbies appears to be a distributor for some Fijon parts as well, it is worth checking out if you are serious in purchasing some of their products.

The Fijon carbon upgrade kit differs in several respects from the Genuine MST Upgrade package. The most apparent one is the motor bulkheads, these are now in silver alloy, rather than blue from MST directly. The carbon composite material used by Fijon also differs from original MST parts. Another noticeable difference is the battery positioning of the Fijon kit. The genuine MST carbon chassis allows the battery position to be adjusted to two separate positions, the Fijon chassis is stationary to one position only. The Fijon front damper stay appears to be narrower than the MST carbon damper stay, the Fijon version offers less damper positioning settings.

The design of the Fijon carbon composite chassis aesthetic design differs greatly from the geniune MST version. Personally we always recommend going with MST geniune parts, but if this suits your fancy, then by all means.

We have attempted to contact Fijon to attain some specifications about this upgrade kit but are unable to get a response. Personally we have never had any experience from Fijon products so are unable to speak of the quality personally. However we feel that some of their products are very interesting and deserve some attention.
Source: Fijon Models

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