HikoTech Bianca RWD Drift Package Conversion Kit

This is the latest RWD conversion kit available for the Yokomo Drift Package RC Drift Chassis. HikoTech runs an amazing circuit and store in Japan, this conversion kit has already sold out! So if you are looking to find one you might just have to wait for now.
The motor is setup in the mid-rear section of the chassis, similar to the Tamiya TA-06. The biggest difference is the height of the motor, which is significantly higher than conventional chassis. The raised motor effectively raises the center of gravity of the chassis. The additional benefit is the torque generated from the motor loads the rear end of the car promoting increased traction and drift performance.
The new slide steering rack boasts 3-point bearing support with a curved steering rack for smoother operation and accuracy. This new design enhances the performance of the steering system.
The new servo mount is a “floating” type design; which effectively only mounts on one side, and the other is left unfastened to the main chassis. By optimizing the placement of various screws and mounts on the chassis, it is now more symmetric allowing the carbon fiber chassis to fully function.

Hikotech Bianca Conversion Kit for Yokomo Drift Package

  • Carbon main chassis
  • Carbon front and rear upper deck
  • Aluminium motor mount and cage
  • Aluminium front bulkhead with integrated fan mount
  • Aluminium steering rack assembly
  • Aluminium floating servo mount
  • Aluminium front upper for Type-C Uppers
  • Rear layshaft and drive gear
  • Screws, bearings and etc included
  • Compatible with Yokomo Drift Package Basic and Type-C

Approximate MSRP: 36,800JPY

Source: HikoTech