Max Speed Technology Option Parts MST MS-01D

Max Speed Technology has released a new option part for the MST MS-01D Pro RC Drift Chassis. The new parts are made of high strength aluminum alloy for maximum durability and performance. These MST option parts are also compatible with the Spice RC Desire SRD-01 RC Drift chassis. Check it out today!

  • 210102 Alum one way unit
  • 210109 Turn-buckle shaft set (for MS-01D 20mm(steel) x2/ 25mm (steel) x2, 25mm(alum) x2 / 28mm(alum)x2)
  • 210114 Alum motor heat sink mount (1)
  • 210115 Alum damper set(4)
  • 210116 Spur gear holder cover(1)
  • 210117 Spur gear holder(1)
  • 210118 Alum upright(F/R)(2)
  • 210120 Alum high torque servo saver(F/KO)
  • 210157 Alum CVD universal shaft set (2)
  • 210162 Alum belt pully mount
  • 210137 4mm Turnbuckle wrench
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