MST BBS Wheels and Drift Tire Review

MST BBS Wheels and Tires Review (6)


BBS is a well known and well established brand worldwide, especially in racing but also European and Japanese tuning. MST has now created BBS style wheels for RC Drift. MST has styled the wheels after the BBS LM wheels, except with a deeper and more aggressive lip; personally I feel they are similar to Works VS-XX wheels. Whether you are a BBS fan or Works fan, these wheels are amazing to look at. MST now includes these wheels with their latest line-up of chassis kits. The tires chosen to be mounted on these wheels will be MST’s ‘Great Angle CS Tires’, which is their hardest compound available.

Overall Quality

The wheels we will be reviewing are in a silver black finish, similar to the ones received in stock MST kits such as the FS-01D or the MS-01D GT edition of chassis. These wheels are also available separately in white, silver, silver black and flat silver colors. The silver black finish on the wheels were very consistant, the only complaint was with slight thinning around the edges of the spokes, but overall are very beautiful. Mounted on the wheels are MSTs hardest compound tires, made of what looks to be a harder poly material than ABS. They are a tight fit to install, but even without glue they still hold in place (glue is recommended by MST). Overall, we were impressed with the quality of the wheels.
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Product Review

These wheels were mounted on my Hot Bodies TC-D, instantly made the chassis look a lot better and more JDM styled. The offset is not marked on the wheels, but are listed at 6mm. The difference about these wheels is the lack of an outer lip for the tires to seat into, similar to HPI’s, Speedway pals, or other standard RC wheels. Instead the tire sits sug around the entire surface of the rim, so tires such as the T-drifts will not be able to mount onto these wheels. The silver black finish is very durable and resists chipping, even after bumping directly into the walls.
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The Great Angle CS Tires perform very well on carpet and asphalt, but are too slippery for really smooth surfaces. These tires generate less heat when drifting on carpet (compared to Yokomo drift rings, HPI T-drifts or Tamiya drift tires). This characteristic allows them to perform very consistently on carpet for long periods of time. On asphalt/tarmac the wheels perform quite well, they do not generate as much heat as T-drifts, but has longer life because of the harder compound. Overall a very good set of tires, especially for carpet drifting.
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Overall Value

As mentioned above these wheels come included with many of the new MST chassis kits, but are also available for purchase for $12USD per set of 4. The tires will cost aproxamatly around $10USD per set of 4. The grand total for MST wheels and tires are $22USD, shipping excluded. A standard set of T-drift slicks would cost approximately $11USD for a set of 2, and $13USD for a set of 2 HPI Work XSA wheels, brining a total cost of $48USD (Based on MSRP on HPI website). These MST wheels are very well priced, durable and with a good quality finish. The price and quality of these wheels and tires makes them a very affordable alternative.
MST BBS Wheels and Tires Review (6)


MST has already started a fantastic line of chassis and option parts, so introducing a line-up of wheels only makes them stronger in the market. The wheels are very durable with a nice shiny black chrome style finish. The great CS angle tires are most ideal for carpet drifting but can be used for other rougher surfaces also. These wheels are a standard hex style so they are interchangable with other touring and drift cars. MST has continued to add new stylish and different products to the RC Drift market, so be sure to keep up to date on their new additions.
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