RC Art SSR Professor TF1 Flat Black RC Drift Wheels

RC Art has released a new color for the popular SSR Professor TF1 series wheels, released in Matte Black. These wheels are made to replicated its 1:1 version. This wheel has been officially licensed by SSR so you can be assured no detail has been overlooked. RC-Art has a long history of releasing high quality products.
These wheels are very sought after, we are often asked where to find SSR TF1 in 1/10 scale form. These will retail for approximately $10 USD, and are available from RC-Art in 4 different offsets and other colors options.

RC Art SSR Professor Flat Black TF1 RC Drift Wheels

  • ART4904FB +4mm Offset Matte Black
  • ART4906FB +6mm Offset Matte Black
  • ART4908FB +8mm Offset Matte Black
  • ART4910FB +10mm Offset Matte Black
  • Officially approved by SSR

Approximate MSRP: ¥1000JPY

Source: RC-Art Online Shop

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