Overdose Aluminum Front Suspension Arms for Divall Vacula

Weld Overdose will be releasing more functional goodies for the Overdose Vacula and Divall chassis. These are modeled after the Type-C and redesigned for greater performance. The aluminum suspension arms enable greater clearance for more steering angle.
This is a great upgrade to further enhance performance for the Vacula/Divall chassis. Available in three (3) colors, similar to all OD products, special edition and limited quantities, pre-order is key! These parts will be released in November of 2014.

Overdose Aluminum Front Suspension Arms for Vacula/Divall

  • Product Number: OD1709 Purple, OD1710 Red, OD1711 Black
  • made of high quality aluminum
  • Type-C suspension arm design for more steering clearance
  • reduced scrub radius
  • more adjustments for increased performance
  • grub screw for securing turnbuckle to suspension arms
  • enables fine adjustment of the tread corresponding to the king pin angle change
  • extended to a maximum one side 4mm with 0.5mm pitch
  • compatible with Overdose Vacula and Divall chassis
  • Approximate MSRP ¥12960JPY

    Source: Weld Overdose

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