Overdose Divall RWD Limited Edition Chassis

Due to popular demand, Weld Overdose has announced a limited edition release of the Divall chassis in a RWD format. The RWD version of the chassis will remove existing front drive component and replace it with more functional upgrades. This will be a limited release so pre-order is a must if you really want one.
The RWD version of the chassis removes the center shaft, front differential components and CVD bones. Upgraded will be the front steering knuckles, front upper and lower suspension system, for better steering geometry and more adjustable settings. The new slide steering rack, rear ball differential (40Tx15T for lower gear ratio) has been added as standard RWD equipment. Available in RED (OD2045) or Purple (OD2044) anodized aluminum colours.

According to Overdose, this is the bare minimum for the Divall in RWD specification so the remaining upgrades are up to you. Look for this to retail for ¥92,880JPY. Once again this is a limited release item so if you really want one then pre-order is necessary. Look for this to hit the market November of 2015!
Source: Weld Overdose

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