Overdose WORK Gnosis FCV01 Wheels

The Overdose WORK Gnosis FCV 01 wheel is reproduced in collaboration with WORK wheels. Once again you can be assured the strength and design of these rims are extremely detailed and high-grade materials are used. The Work Gnosis FCV 01 concave 10 spoke wheel is a very good looking set of wheels. Available in +7 mm and +5 mm offsets. Currently available in all high chrome and matte chrome.
The cosmetic details of these wheels are amazing, it is a scale replica of the real rim with the Work logo imprinted into the rim. These not only look good but are also designed for performance, we will be reviewing these wheels in the near future! Aesthetically, Overdose once again did an excellent job replicating the Gnosis FCV01 wheels down to 1:10 scale. They could easily be mistaken for real ones!

Overdose WORK Gnosis FCV01 RC wheels

  • OD1389 WORK GNOSIS FCV01 (matte chrome / OFFSET +5)
  • OD1391 WORK GNOSIS FCV01 (matte chrome / OFFSET +7)
  • OD1390 WORK GNOSIS FCV01 (chrome / OFFSET +5)
  • OD1392 WORK GNOSIS FCV01 (chrome / OFFSET +7)

Approximate MSRP: ¥1050JPY

Source: Weld Overdose

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