RC-Art Low-Profile Servo Mounts for CE-RX

RC-Art released new optional servo mounts for their popular CE-RX chassis. These new servo mounts changes the servo position from the traditional layout to a standing one. These servo mounts are only compatible with low-profile servos. The new servo positioning also helps to reduce stresses on the steering cranks and servo saver, overall an improvement over the previous system. These servo mounts were released earlier in September 2012, so get them now!

RC-Art Optional Servo Mounts for CE-RX

  • Model Number: ART2074BL (Black), ART2074GM (Gun Metal), ART2074R (Red)
  • Suited for Low-Profile servos
  • Changes from traditional lay down position to stand up
  • New stand-up position reduces stress on steering cranks
  • Available in 3 anodized colors: Black, Gun Metal and Red
  • Kit includes servo posts, alloy washers, rubber o-rings and fastening hardware

Approximate MSRP: ¥1480JPY

Source: RC-Art: The Dream Team

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