Eagle Racing Aluminium Brakes Set Review

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RC Drift culture has always been about style and scale details. An endless amount of time and effort has been put into scale details of RC Drift cars. Everyone does this, some more than others. Now Eagle Racing has made it easier with their latest brake and caliper kit that fits on several Tamiya chassis. Compatible chassis are the following: Ta-05, TA-05v2, TA-05v2R, TA-05 IFSR, TA-05 VDF, TB-03, TB-03D, and FF-03. These really add another level of scale details to your existing chassis. Eagle Racing also has another version for TT-01 chassis.
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Overall Quality

The quality of the Eagle Racing Brakes Kit is quite well done. The packagage includes 4 aluminium cross drilled and slotted brake disks, brake calipers, bearings, spacers, and screws to fasten everything. The aluminium alloy appears to be good quality and durable. The assembly instructions are well illustrated and are a mix of Japanese and English text. Illustrations are easy to follow but the caution messages (red text) are only written in Japanese.
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Product Review

Overall an easy install, just follow the illustrations. Some of the important notes about spacing is in English so that helps, the only thing lacking was the caution messages that were only printed in Japanese. Be careful during the installation, using the included parts may cause binding when the wheels are tightened. It is best if you already have experience building and shimming things. We chose not to use the spacers they provided, instead we used some shims from my own tool-box. This was to ensure that it was properly spaced and would not interfere with normal operation. I recommend using tread-lock or loctite for fastening the caliper to the chassis hubs.
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Overall Value

This Eagle Racing Brakes kit costed approximately $25, excluding shipping. Compared to 3racing equivalent brake kits, which cost in excess of $40USD. The look of them is very similar, only noticeable difference is the brake disk patterns; eagle has cross drilled pattern and 3racing has a slotted pattern. The price of the Eagle Racing Brake set really increases its overall value, since both sets are aluminium and look almost identical. Eagle gets credit for the overall value of the product.
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Eagle Racing has been releasing very affordably priced option parts for many Tamiya chassis, this brake kit is no exception. The quality of the product is very good, the brake disks spin true, the anodized alloy pieces are very consistent, and adds a very scale detailed look to your chassis. After the install, there was a bit of shimming to ensure smooth operation, and have not looked back since. Cheap parts always bring about questions of quality, for this type of aesthetic option part it does not matter as much. But for something like differentials, cheap Eagle racing alternative may not be a good idea.
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