RC-Art RC Drift Springs

RC-Art The Dream Team has just announced a new series of drift springs for 1:10 scale RC drifting. The new springs at 30mm are longer than traditional tamiya springs generally at 26mm. The new longer springs provide better and more consistant spring rebound rates for greater on track performance. The new RC Drift Springs come in 28mm and 30mm lengths. These springs are also available in several rebound rates. Coming late November 2011 to a store near you!

The new RC-Art Drift Springs are available in 28mm and 30mm lengths. Available in Super Soft, Soft, Medium Soft and Medium spring rebounds for your ideal tuning performance. The new springs are painted with color, rather than the traditional electro plating method. This gives the springs a greater aesthetic appeal. The longer springs provide better spring rates for greater tuning options. The difference in spring length can effect the rebounding characteristics, therefore giving suspension tuning another dimension. Mix and match different spring lengths (front to back) to better suit your driving style. These just provide another aspect of tuning that will directly effect performance.


  • Available in 28mm or 30mm length springs
  • Super Soft, Soft, Medium Soft and Medium
  • Fits 14mm spring retainer width
  • Springs are sold in pairs for approximately ¥480JPY.

    Source: RC-Art: The Dream Team

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