RC-Art RX-12J Jager Chassis Kit

RC-Art has just announced their new RWD chassis kit called the RC-Art RX-12J Jager. This is the evolution of the RX Banshee chassis with mid-rear motor configuration with added parts to facilitate optimal RWD performance.
It leaves a number of parts open to for the user to decide, the dampers, suspension arms setup, knuckles, all of which are open to customization. This chassis adopts the Evolution Ver. 3 Type steering system to produce improved steering capabilities. This new Jager kit has been redesigned for RWD performance, the wide lower deck and the mid-rear motor configuration adopted an innovative raised center of gravity design.

RC-Art RX-12J Jager RWD Kit

    Straight Pure carbon parts

  • Carbon front and rear damper stay
  • Innovative raised rear motor mount
  • Raised center of gravity
  • Dedicated front bulkhead
  • 1050 ball bearing response center shaft
  • 0 degree suspension block
  • RX Steering Ver. 3
  • RX-J battery holder
  • RX Rigid axle set
  • Suspension arms NOT included

Approximate MSRP: 53,704JPY
Source: RC-Art

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