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SRC – Sideways RC Products was started by Vivian Grobler when he started building concourse shells, not been able to find the right parts on the market to be different, he went onto making his own.
After some enquiries from drifters asking about where to get these awesome products, he started selling to some RC Drifters on special request. The demand grew fast and quick so he started a company and that’s SRC- Sideways RC was born. SRC Started 2 years ago, the company was formed in 2016.

Product Info
90% of the products available are SRC are hand made by Vivian. High quality industrial polyurethane plastic is used to cast mould the accessories, Pipes and Wings Mounts are Laser cut in A2 Grade Stainless Steel. Colours are infused into the polyurethane to achieve the unique spectrum of colours. Turbos and Intercoolers are made with black polyurethane and painted silver.
All Stainless Steel Products are high polished with special machinery to achieve great quality.
Quality control done by Vivian Himself avoiding an rejects from getting out. None of the accessories are 3D printed, they are Open Cast Moulded which helps keep the costing down to the end user. All products are handmade and Casted, in most occurrences the products are beyond great. In some cases you may find an air bubble or irregularity but nothing major.
At the moment SRC Products are available from the following locations: (South Africa) (South Africa, Ships worldwide) (South Africa) (USA) (Norway)
Wholesale enquires
100% compatible with all 1/10 scale drift or off-road.
We have recently started selling to rock crawler users.
Durable as you going to get. On turbos and intercoolers paint will chip but they can be repainted. Use normal 2k paint. Flat silver or Chrome and back with black. Thinners can be used on all the products to remove the paint should you wish to re-paint the products. Wing Mounts and Pipes are made of Stainless Steel, these are great quality and do not bend easy. All polyurethane products are very durable and can be re-painted and re-used.
No real limitations on colour options and product options. SRC Currently has in excess of 70 products with multiple colour options. SRC keeps evolving and developing and re-doing products.

What’s new?

• Wire sleeves – New Wire Sleeves for making your chassis look sexy, available in RED, BLACK, PINK, BLUE, PURPLE, YELLOW and WHITE
• Canards – Universal for any 1/10 RC Drift Shell
SRC is currently developing Hex Hubs with the sizes of 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm.
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