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Shado graphics logoSha_do Graphics is one of the most interesting livery companies in the automotive tuning industry. They have worked with many JDM companies such as Kazama Auto, Weld, and even EA Sports. Their influence has also spread over to 1:10 scale RC Drift, HPI racing have colloborated with them to produce several livery designs for their products. Sha_Do graphics is based out of France and has been producing their own livery designs 1:1 and 1:10 automotive applications. They started withs mall custom designs for local enthusiasts and now have made their products available to the international market. Sha_do graphics has some very impressive designs with very unique and stylish livery layouts. Recently we had the pleasure to speak with the founder of Sha_do graphics to shed some light on their operation. Sha_do graphics emphasis is on high quality and aesthetically pleasing designs! This is worth checking out!

Sha_do Grahics History:

Sha_Do Graphics specializes in automotive graphic design company based out of France and founded by Freddy Robert. Mr. Robert made his start in the early 2002 publishing his works in several car tuning magazines. In 2004 lead to an opportunity to work with Art Factory Graphics in Tokyo, Japan. Later on in 2006, Sha_do graphics continued its growth with collaborations with HKS, Kazama Auto, the wonderfull (RIP) DCar magazine, WELD, Team Toyo, Greddy, JUN, ICON motosports to name a few. They have also worked with EA Games to create a special version of NFS 2 Underground Sha_Do Edition, which features their unique designs. You may also recognize their graphics from several HPI Racing products, such as the StageD decal sheets and the Micro RS4 Drift edition. Sha_Do Graphics credentials speak for themselves, you can find out more of their history directly from the Sha_Do Graphics Website.
Read more about Sha_Do Graphics adventures in Japan, both 1:1 and 1:10 RC Drift.
Adventures in Japan
RC Adventures in Japan
Shado_Graphics_RC_Drifting_Decals (24)Shado_Graphics_RC_Drifting_Decals (21)Shado_Graphics_RC_Drifting_Decals (12)Shado_Graphics_RC_Drifting_Decals (11)Shado_Graphics_RC_Drifting_Decals (1)Shado_Graphics_RC_Drifting_Decals (23)
The collaboration with HPI Racing is what introduced RC Drift to Mr. Robert. Since its introduction he has started creating his own designs for 1/10 scale RC drift cars. Starting small by creating liveries for the local French RC Drift community. It later led to success in creating liveries for many automotive tuners with several 1:1 demo car projects. Currently the liveries for FT District drift team in the French drift series is based on Sha_Do theme called “HYOU”. Chances are you have seen Sha_Do Graphics works before and not known it. Their real passion of Sha_Do Graphics lies in creating unique liveries for automobiles. We recently spoke with Mr. Robert who said “Artistically, there is nothing better than being able to create what we love. It brings personal satisfaction that every step from designing to manufacturing is done in-house by Sha_Do Graphics”.
Shado_Graphics_RC_Drifting_Decals (26)Shado_Graphics_RC_Drifting_Decals (27)
Sha_Do Graphics started by printing stickers for the local French RC Drift community. They started with a numerical HD pro printer, which allowed printing on white vinyl without kiss cut edges. It first started out with small production runs to satisfy local RC Drifters demands. The emphasis was on product quality rather than quantity. The success in these small decal productions later led to new print technology. The new printing method can now produce higher quality graphics with stronger printer surface. This means that it is better resistant to friction and even RC nitro fuel spray. Which means these vinyls can be adapted to many other forms in the radio control hobby, on-road or offroad, even helicopters, boats and planes, the possibilities are endless.
Shado_Graphics_RC_Drifting_Decals (3)Shado_Graphics_RC_Drifting_Decals (9)Shado_Graphics_RC_Drifting_Decals (10)
Sha_Do Graphics has shown that they are here to stay. Their presence is known in the the RC Drift or automotive tuner industry. They have the credentials and experience to back up their work. There are even future plans of creating very exclusive liveries for limited vinyl production. Check out Sha_Do Graphics latest product catalogue to see what they have to offer. Visit their website at for more information.
If you are interested in purchasing any of the products you see in the Sha_Do Graphics Catalogue, you may use the contact form provided below. You can also contact them directly through their website. They accept Paypal and willing to ship worldwide. Sha_Do is in the process of creating an E-shop, which will be available soon to facilitate any online orders.
SHA_Do Graphics Catalogue Version 2
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    1. do you know what body they did the Timothee Cousins recycled replica on??? looks like a toyota mark but i cant tell… 

    2. do you know what body they did the Timothee Cousins recycled replica on??? looks like a toyota mark but i cant tell… 

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