Tamiya TB-03 VDS

*UPDATED*The Tamiya TB-03 VDS is now available in a store near you. Coming off their already successful TA-05 VDF, the high end belt drive midship drift chassis. Tamiya looks to corner the market with a high end shaft driven chassis, the TB-03 VDS. Read the full article for more information and pictures.
If you are one of those die hard TB-03 enthusiast that has been waiting for this chassis since the announcement, the TB-03 VDS is now available in a store near you! Banzai Hobby Japan currently has the chassis on sale for a limited time so be sure to get them while they last.
In 2009 Tamiya released the TB-03D, which is the drift version of the popular TB-03 shaft driven touring car chassis. The D kit features many of the popular hop-ups that were necessary to get the touring car sliding. The new TB-03 VDS has indeed come along way in its evolution, this thing is sexy!. Tamiya has designed this chassis with drifting in mind. The motor is now mounted in the forward position, as opose to the traditional rear half of the car, this effectively shifts the weight of the car forward for better balance while drifting. The steering link have been widened which should eliminate some of the ackerman angle and increase steering angle. The steering links look similar to the VDF link. This chassis will be carbon fiber as well as some of the other goodies.
Some may have been looking at the current pictures on the internet wondering why the VDS seems to be lacking the top frame for some stiffness. Well Tamiya was very clever in designing the VDS. The VDS features an aluminum frame, that runs the length between the front and rear bulkheads. It attaches to the bulkheads for front/rear stiffness that the chassis needs. The VDS frame is also carefully hidden below the drive shaft. See pictures below. The drive shaft is separated from the front and rear differentials at the spur gear. This seems to be a new design and the benefits do not seem obvious…
Tamiya has announced that the TB-03 VDS will be released July 16, 2011. The cost of this chassis will be 52,290?/€450/$650USD. The release of the belt-driven TA-05 VDF was a great success for Tamiya in the high-end drift chassis market. Will the TB-03 shaft driven VDS be as successful as its belt driven VDF?
Updated with Official Specs from Tamiya! Release date July 16, 2011
RC TB03VDS Chassis Kit – TB03VDS Drift Spec Item #84205
The Tamiya belt-driven TA05-VDF Drift Chassis Kit proved to be a huge success amongst R/C Drift enthusiasts. With the knowledge gained from the TA-05 VDF, Tamiya has developed the TB-03 VDS top-spec drift chassis kit which offers the direct response of a Shaft-Driven 4WD system.

Specs and Features:

  • Equipped with the TB-03’s front and rear gearboxes
  • 2.5mm thick carbon fiber lower deck
  • Aluminum center F/R gearbox braces which offer superior chassis strength
  • Chassis layout is optimized for drifting and features a 2-piece propeller shaft along the center line of the chassis with the battery pack, motor and R/C radio gear positioned on either side of the car
  • 4-wheel double wishbone suspension is equipped with the short reversible suspension arms as seen on the TB-03, TA-05 Version 2 and TRF 416,417
  • TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) Aluminum threaded shock body and Teflon piston dampers included
  • A parallel geometry steering system with left and right symmetrical steering angles offers excellent control and easier counter steering maneuvers
  • Front ball diff and rear direct coupling (spool)
  • 2-piece universal propeller shaft
  • Aluminum turnbuckle shafts
  • Front and Rear universal shafts
  • Aluminum hex wheel hubs
  • Hi-torque servo saver included
  • Steel diff joints for improved wear and durability


  • 53842 TA05 Stabilizer Set (F & R)
  • 54098 TB-03 Carbon Reinforced A Parts (Gear Case)
  • 54122 TB-03 Carbon Damper Stay (Rear)
  • 54124 TB-03D Carbon Damper Stay (Front)
  • 54137 TB-03D Aluminum Rear Upright (1)
  • 54146 TB-03 Aluminum Damper Stay Mount
  • 54064-74 TB-03 Aluminum Suspension Mounts
  • 54171-75 TA05 ver.II Separated Suspension Mounts

Source: TamiyaLive @ UStream
Source: Tamiya Inc

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