Tamiya TB-04 Pro

The TB-04 PRO chassis is the successor to the TB-03 chassis, and this race circuit chassis inherits its efficient shaft-driven 4WD system with a newly developed, horizontally-positioned motor placement design. The chassis features a number of newly-designed parts and provides a blend of speed and handling that R/C racers are sure to enjoy.
The TB-04 shares the same double wishbone, independent suspension parts seen on the TB-03, TA-05 Version II and TRF 416/417 series of proven chassis designs.
1/10 R/C carseries No.580 LaFerrari (TB-04chassis) 58580
This is the evolution of the TB-03 chassis with some unique features. The most noticeable is the motor position, once parallel to the main driveshaft. It has now been repositioned to be perpendicular, similar to belt driven touring chassis. This change will effectively reduce torque steer faced by many shaft driven chassis. Another change is the shorter dampers. They appear to have larger damper oil capacity but shorter overall length. Still able to utilize traditional length Tamiya springs, this chassis may be more fit for touring and RC Drift. The Caster Hub (C-hub) has been changed 6 degree caster and redesigned for functionality. The change is caster will yield better overall control and steering response. Body, battery, motor, RC mechanical, tire, wheel, etc. are not included with the kit.


  • Scale : 1/10
  • Construction type : assembly kit
  • Terrain use : on-road
  • Drive-train : 4WD
  • Drive type : shaft
  • Drive line : dog bone
  • Differential type : gear
  • Suspension : fully independent double wishbone
  • Steering mechanism : bell-crank
  • Shock damper : oil-filled damper
  • Shock damper material : aluminum
  • Tire type : not included
  • Tire tread : n/a
  • Body material : not included
  • Chassis material : plastic
  • Electronic Speed Control (ESC) : not included
  • ESC model : n/a
  • LED Light buckets : no
  • LED lights : no
  • Motor : not included
  • Bearings : shielded ball bearing
  • Adjustable camber : yes
  • Adjustable toe angles : front and rear
  • Adjustable ground clearance : yes
  • Adjustable gear ratio : yes
  • Adjustable wheelbase : yes
  • Adjustable track width : yes
  • Adjustable shock angle : yes
  • Special feature 1 : Low center of gravity design
  • Special feature 2 : Newly-designed transmission case helps to provide increased stability during acceleration
  • Special feature 3 : New differential gear features 40T ring gears and 16T bevel gears
  • Special feature 4 : Uses a long steering tie-rod system refined on the TRF417 chassis.
  • Special feature 5 : Newly-designed battery holder provides simple and secure attachment
  • Special feature 6 : Racers can choose between inboard and outboard front suspension.
  • Special feature 7 : Features a new motor guard to protect the motor in impacts.
  • Special feature 8 : Employs short oil dampers for touring cars to enable lower ground clearance, while maintaining stroke
  • Requires A : 2-channel radio gear & electronic speed control
  • Requires B : 7.2 battery & charger
  • Requires C : polycarbonate paint
  • Requires D : wheels, tires, body set, motor, esc

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