Top Line DRS-10 Wheels Designed by Sobaya Review


Top Line has released DRS-10 wheels designed by Sobaya! If you watch Drift RC videos on youtube, then you may have seen Sobaya drifts at the famous Chance Circuit. Sobaya is an icon in Drift RC with great videos and ridiculous drift trains on Chance circuit. Now is your chance to get a set of wheels designed by one of the biggest names in RC Drift. Available in 7mm or 9mm offsets, check them out now!
These wheels are available now! Top Line also offers different styles of RC Drift wheels in a multitude of colors, so check them out for more of their creations.

Overall Quality

I purchased a set of these wheels shortly after they were released, however due to the initial demand it took a while to arrive. Once they arrived the appearance and quality was apparent, the design and shape of this wheel is unlike any other. The quality of the wheels are very good, the material used feels very strong and durable. Aesthetically, the Top Line DRS-10 wheels are very impressive, the chrome finish and details are better than the average wheels you find online. Overall the quality is excellent, Top Line with Sobaya has done a very good job with these wheels.

Product Review

These wheels were mounted on my Tamiya TA-06 Pro with some R2 T-drift clone threaded tires. These wheels look very good mounted on a chassis, both standing still and in motion. After running several battery cycles, the wheels are still in excellent shape with no chips or marks to the chrome. As you can see in our video below, these wheels really make the car stand out. They provide a great stand still look, and IMO look even better in motion!

Overall Value

These wheels were purchased online from Vertex RC at a cost of 950¥ per pair. These wheels are slightly more expensive compared to the HPI wheels at approximately 660¥, but the quality of the finish and wheel itself is well worth the added expense. They are worth the added cost for some added style and scale, they look especially good on VIPs drifters. Wheels are like shoes, they are a reflection of the owners style, so you decide as they offer many different colors and finishes including Matte Black.


After these wheels were released and seeing them appear on YouTube, I had to order a set. I was even more impressed when they showed up in hand, the overall quality and finish really makes the added cost worth it. If you are looking for a new set of wheels for your VIP drifter look no further. These wheels come in many colors, so there should be a set out there for anyone looking. Check out our links below to posts of the different colors and finishes.
The finish of the wheel is excellent, unlike any other I have experienced before; better than that of Tamiya or HPI.
These wheels cost more than what you are normally accustomed to paying, but you get what you pay for. I would recommend these wheels for any Drift RC enthusiast, they are well worth it!

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