Weld Overdose High Grade Shock Set

New to the Weld Overdose lineup for 2015 is a High Grade Shocks Set. As always Overdose has made their own improvements over the conventional damper design. The new shocks are manufactured with quality materials and designed to boasts better performance and functionality.
The newly designed shocks are sealed separately from the top cap, therefore allowing height adjustment by simply threading the upper cap. Another benefit of this sealing system is eliminating the air pocket that is common in conventional damper designs. The spring pre-load adjustment can now be locked to ensure it does not slip from vibrations.
The internal chamber has been coated with a hard compound to resist scratching while reducing the friction for smoother operation. The shock pistons are made of a fluorine resin to better improve the efficiency of shock system. The stock pistons included with the kit are three 0.5mm diameter holes.
The new Overdose Shocks are designed to improves traction performance and stability while optimizing smooth shock movement.

Weld Overdose High Grade Shock Set

  • Part Number: OD1581
  • Set of 4 High Grade Shocks without springs
  • Unique Overdose design for performance
  • Top caps now designed for height adjustment (61.5mm to 66.5mm)
  • Sealed chamber for optimal fluid capacity and function
  • Low friction Fluorine resin pistons
  • Lockable preload adjuster
  • Improves traction performance and stability of smooth movement
  • Requires minimum 28mm springs for effective performance
  • Shock maintenance wrench included

Approximate MSRP: ¥17,280JPY

Source: Weld Overdose

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