Weld Overdose HPI E10 Countersteer Kit

Ever dreamed of modifying a HPI E-10 for counter steer? Weld Overdose has the solution for you, introducing counter-steer gears for the HPI E-10 chassis. The new countersteer gears will provide a generous 1.52 overdrive ratio. The CS kit includes an alloy rear rigid axle/spool axle for improved drifting performance. The drive cups are made of high quality material for improved wear resistance. For all those HPI E-10 owners wishing for counter-steer, this is the perfect option part for countersteer without changing chassis.


  • 1.52 Counter-steer ratio: Large 25T bevel gear, small 15T bevel gear
  • Integrated rear rigid axle
  • High quality materials for maximum durability
  • Overdose recommends upgrade to ball bearings
  • Product Code: OD1023
  • Approximate MSRP: ¥5100JPY

    Source: Weld Overdose