Weld Overdose XEX V-Spec Drift Chassis

The XEX V-Spec is the latest release from WeldxOverdose. V-Spec represents the new belt drivetrain system which has been spawned from the RC Drift community that desire belt drive-train operation.
The chassis utilizes lightweight reinforced plastic and cleverly designed cross-members to maintain this high rigidity. The front and rear portion of the chassis (toe block areas) has adopted a modular design to separate them from the main chassis. The idea is for these two areas to react somewhat independently from the main chassis. The suspension segments are now removed from the main chassis roll where weight is centralized, effectively improving accurate drift control and high traction. This modular design also allows for better maintenance and adjustment to the chassis.
Overdose XEX V-Spec RC Drift Chassis (1)
The rear gearbox system utilizes a three gear system to drive the rear differential. The central of the three gears will have an adjustable setting for gear ratio adjustments; approximately 20T to 33T range of changes, meaning countersteer (CS) options. The drivetrain system is designed to improve operating efficiency while maintaining lightweight component.
Overdose XEX V-Spec RC Drift Chassis (3)
Look for this to appear in the JDM market in late May 2016 retailing at approximately ¥45,360 JPY YEN. Electronics shown in pictures not included with the kit.
Source: Weld Overdose

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