Wrap-Up Next FR-D 3.0

Wrap-Up Next has officially announced the new Verion 3.0 FR-D RWD RC Drift Chassis Conversion Kit. Scheduled for release in late November 2014. According to Wrap Up Next official blog the next evolution of the FR-D includes is now made of 7075 aluminium.
The 7075 aluminium enhances the stiffness of the chassis and as a result creates a distinctive FR chassis with neutral responsiveness with quick and direct movements. New improvements have been added to make this chassis an even better performance than its predecessors.
Previous option parts for the chassis is now included as standard equipment, see details and features in the post below. It will be available in 4 different color options, Red, Blue, Silver, and Black. You can pre-order them now from various online retailers.

Newly improved V3.0 features:

  • Improved cooling quality to release the motor heat effectively.
  • Newly designed 2.0mm thick 7075 Aluminum chassis.
  • Increased pitching and rolling stiffness.
  • 50g weight increase to improve its weight distribution and increase surface pressure.
  • Additional suspension mount holes to allow the attachments of drift packages and Tamiya Suspension mounts.
  • Added HD post connecting the back of the upper brace and main chassis to improve the front stiffness.
  • Strengthened chassis made the Upper deck-less option possible, which allows you to choose to go with/without the upper deck. Newly designed upper deck allows you to disassemble by removing the two screws on the back to the chassis. Attached middle deck is used for the deck-less option.
  • Separated stiffeners can be applied to increase the pitching stiffness as an option. Saddle and straight type batteries are used in front and back.
  • Short type Li-Po batteries can only be used in the front.

Former optional parts have become standard equipment:

  • Hybrid steering wiper plate to optimize the steering servo operation.
  • Low geared pinion gear set for easy acceleration (0 drive reduction 18/38T).
  • 7075 heavy duty aluminum gear crank is made with the minimum breakage risk.

The kit includes

  • 7075 main chassis
  • Graphite parts Upper deck
  • Graphite parts upper brace
  • Graphite parts middle deck
  • Graphite parts steering wiper plate
  • Graphite parts steering wiper extending plate
  • Aluminum parts Front suspension mount
  • Aluminum parts Motor mount and gear mount
  • Aluminum parts hybrid steering wiper
  • Aluminum parts aluminum battery stopper and holder
  • Aluminum parts HD post
  • Steel pinion gear 18T, 20T, 35T and 38T
  • Ball bearing 1838zz x4pcs (for gear unit) 840 x4pcs (for steering wiper)

* Pictured motor, center stiffener and rear bulkhead are not included.

Approximate MSRP: 36,000JPY

*This product is a conversion kit for drift packages and not a full kit. Additional parts are required for a full vehicle assembly.
(The kit does not include front and rear suspension assembly, ring rear, front and rear shock tower, shock, center shaft, linkage and RC radio)
*This product is recommended for experts, needing some technical knowledge and experiences for assembly and settings.
Source: Wrap-Up Next

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