Xpress MXD 1/10 Scale Mini Drift Tires

We had been wondering if someone else was going to step up to the plate and create RC Drift tires for those with 1/10 Scale Mini chassis.  Now Xpress has created 3 styles of MXD 1/10 Scale Mini RC Drift Tires.  Each one is made of a different hardness depending on your track needs.
High grip M-Chassis Specific Drift tires from Xpress! Features clear color marking for easy identification of tire compound. Flat surface will allow the maximum contact patch with the surface during on and off throttle, comes in different hardness which makes using this tire to drift your M-Chassis possible from Slippery Asphalt to Grippy Carpet possible!


  • Width: 24.5mm
  • OuterDiameter: 54mm
  • Inner Diameter: 41mm
    • For: M-Chassis Rims
    • Material: Xpress MXD Drift tire compound
    • Color: Black

Source: RCMart.com

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