Yokomo MR4TC SD SSG by Murdock

EUREKA! I think I nailed the “perfect” setup I’m after. I changed out the springs to Yokomo racing shock springs for TC part# YS-2-1. It came with a pair of Soft and a pair Medium Soft springs total of 4 springs. I put the medium soft in the back, and the soft in the front. Also the gearing seemed to be off so I changed that as well. Removed the center graphite bar which ran almost the full length of the chassis. I brought in the rear toe to 2.5, and added 1mm kick up. The issue with transitions is a non factor. It transitions very well now! WOOT! Here are the settings.

Track surface: Carpet (Sheldon’s)
Tire: HPI T-Drift slick with stretched (shaved) edges to help clear the body
Wheels: HPI Work XSA 02C Chrome 3mm front & 6mm rear
Motor & ESC: HobbyWing XErun 5.5T sensored & 60A v2 ESC

Camber: 3
Toe: 0
Caster hubs: 4
Ride height: 3mm
Springs: Yokomo racing springs soft
Bumper weight: 0
Sway-Bar: No
Shock Oil: 30 wt
Other: One way with LF Universal 2mm

Camber: 3
Toe: 2.5
Ride height: 1.5mm
Kick ups: 1mm
Springs: Yokomo racing springs medium soft
Sway-Bar: No
Shock Oil: 30wt
Other: Spool

Drive Train
Gearing: Final drive = 7.19
Front: Stock diff gears
Center: Shaft
Rear: Stock diff gears
Spur: 110T 64pitch
Pinion: 36T 64pitch

Top View

Custom Lipo Tray! ROFL Velcro straps…

Please note: These springs have been replaced with Yokomo racing springs medium soft

I know not that much steering angle. Will need some work for CS.

Body shots!

Mhmmmmm the SSG…..

Thank you for checking it out

PR Manager

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