Yokomo DRB Short Li-Po Battery and Spacers

Yokomo recently released a Short LiPo Battery holder for their popular Yokomo DRB drift package series of chassis. These short LiPo batteries have been becoming more common in the market. Now Yokomo has just released battery mount spacers for use with larger capacity short Li-Po batteries.

These new short sized Li-Po batteries have slowly been introduced to the RC Drift market, especially because of dimensions and weight distribution. This new short Li-Po battery holder may improve performance by utilizing a light-weight narrow battery for better weight distribution characteristics. Using a shorter/narrow battery will better centralize the weight in the centre of the chassis. The new Yokomo aluminium spacers can be used between the chassis and battery holder to allow for larger capacity batteries.
Yokomo High Capacity Short Sized Li-po Battery Mount Spacer (Aluminum)

Approximate MSRP: ¥980JPY
Yokomo YB-P242BN 4200mAh/7.4V Li-Po

Approximate MSRP: ¥13200JPY
Souce: Team Yokomo

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