Yokomo Drift Package Plus Type C Special

The Yokomo DP-DP7CSP DRIFT PACKAGE PLUS Type-C Special is a limited edition release of the popular Drift Package RC drift chassis. This release includes a ton of hop ups in the box to get your Drift Package up and running with increased adaptability to whatever conditions you intend to run on. This set includes a lot of Aluminum upgrades including motor mount, shock towers, chassis brace, and more. Yokomo also included a new steering set for those who intend to Countersteer it! It is good to see manufacturers starting to think about CS when releasing new kits. This kit will retail for around $400USD, and you will need to act fast as it is a limited production run. These will sell out fast with all the extras included, we have more information and pictures after the jump.

Product code DP-DP7CSP Price excluding tax ¥ 38,000

Parts Included

  • Aluminium Front Chassis Brace
  • Aluminium Bumper Brace
  • Aluminium Special Motor Mount
  • Aluminium Front Upper Arm Mount
  • Aluminium Rear Upper Arm Mount
  • Aluminium Front Shock Tower
  • Aluminium Rear Shock Tower
  • Aluminium Front Sus Mount (Front)
  • Aluminium Front Sus Mount (Rear)
  • Aluminium Rear Sus Mount (Front)
  • Aluminium Rear Sus Mount (Rear)
  • Extra Steering Set
  • Titanium Turnbuckle
  • Titanium Screw Set
  • Aluminium Diff Joint Ring
  • Aluminium Cernter Drive Cup
  • Front One Way Unit
  • Aluminium light weight spur gear holder
  • Aluminium Spring Cup (2mm long type)
  • NEW! Drift Springs

Source: Yokomo