Active Hobby TB03 Countersteer Kit

Active Hobby has just announced that they will be restocking countersteer kits for the Tamiya TB-03 line of chassis. This was done due to the overwhelming demand from the RC Drift market. The CS gears will be available in a 1.5 and 2.0 CS ratio. These gears were first introduced in August of 2011 so check them out today!

The new countersteer gears will be made from Delrin plastic for the rear differential. The new gears will be CNC milled which will be much stronger and more durable than traditional injection molded gears. The light-weight Delrin material will provide excellent wear resistance as well. The kit will include solid rear axle, steel propeller shaft and necessary hardware for the CS modification.
This kit is not bolt-on and drive away, it requires some small modifications to the differential casing. A small portion of the differential casing needs to be removed to accommodate for the new bevel pinion gear. It is not a difficult modification, just worth noting.

Four different Kits Available:
STR100 TB03 DRIFT Counter unit
17Tx20T 2.0 OD Ratio

STR101 TB03 DRIFT Counter unit
17Tx27T 1.5 OD Ratio

STR104 TB03VDS DRIFT Counter unit
17Tx20T 2.0 OD Ratio

STR105 TB03VDS DRIFT Counter unit
17Tx27T 1.5 OD Ratio

Source: Active Hobby Products Japan

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