April 2015 Body of the Month Winner

Congratulations Andrew3D! winner of our April 2015 RC Drift Body of The Month Contest.
A big thanks to everyone who voted for April 2015 Body of The Month! It was a close vote! Check out this beautiful Subaru 22B. Full voting results are posted below the winning ride!

  • Body: Pandora RC Subaru 22B STI WRX
  • Paint: Tamiya Black & White
  • Wheels: Kazama RAYS Gram Lights 57Xtreme ceramic white
  • Tires: Top Line
  • Description/Accessories:  Team Tetsujin intercooler, speedway pal over fenders / exhaust / side mirrors / Generic FUKAHIRE, custom built rollcage, real 3d wrap up mesh decal

Thanks to everyone who entered and voted!!


Andrew3D – Subaru 22b 9 52.94%
VectorX – Liberty Walk R35 8 47.06%
driftmission – GT-86 0 0%
Total 17 vote(s) 100%

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