Driftmission.com presents the Alex Racing Design CER-D11

The CER-D11 has been specially designed with extreme drifting in mind. This chassis was designed based upon input and opinion from the best in the Japanese RC community, so this chassis is fully loaded and combat ready!

Manual is japanese only, so be careful while assembling (made 2 small mistakes in the whole build).
But overall easy to follow and understand if this isn’t your first chassis, you will feel right at home.

All the important parts. CER D11 comes with 2 setups – 50/50 and a mild Countersteer setup, Front and
Front-center oneway and rear spool.

Assembling the pulleys, CS gears already in place.

Front and Rear Bulkheads.

Mounted them on the carbon lower deck

The upper deck with the tensioner

All the essential parts are in place

Build in the steering and front carbon shocktowers

Installed the arms and the rear shocktowers

Installed the servo

Filled up the shocks. The design is pretty much the same as the Yokomo shocks,
so not to complicated.

Stock CVDs front and rear

Installed them and checked the angle I that is physically possible

This is how it stands at the end of the build in stock form. Don’t worry
about the grippy A-drift tires, they were just on for setup-purposes.

I drift it with spice very hard or selfmade drifttires from our Driftteam
(Samurai Sideways)

Hope you enjoyed.

Source: aresOne


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