The dual-rate damper modification is one of the most useful mods that anyone can perform. This modification will effectively allow your dampers to have 2 different rates for compression and rebound. Quick compression and slow rebound is the goal of this modification. This mod is especially useful to minimize the instantaneous rebound of the damper springs that will cause unwanted chassis weight shift. For example, it is especially useful for counter steer CS modified drifters to help maintain a smoother drift through a long sweeper.

We were finally able to get in contact with Hamster82 to allow us permission to publish this custom modification. So without further adieu, here is Hamster’s dual rate shock damper modification.

Here is a video of how the Dual rate Damper Modification works

Hi all, I am Hamster82 I hope to share with you this damper mod so as to promote and allow more people to enjoy counter-steer RC drifting. Here is how to set-up the mod.

1) Materials and tools to be used for the mod. First Up you need a Permanent Fine Tip marker, Clear plastic sheets (those use for protecting books covers), Scissors (Preferably Curved)
Hamster Damper Modification (1)

2) The HPI Z224 Washer that i used to mark on the clear plastic sheet, it’s by HPI and the size is 3 x 8 mm for the inner and outer diameter. HPI Part No: Z224
Hamster Damper Modification (2)

3) Third picture shows that the Washer actually covers half of the piston holes, very much like the Kose.
Half the piston hole cover up, This is the correct size to use.
Hamster Damper Modification (3)

Ok guys tested it with a 2 hole shock piston, results is good. But change the shock oil to trinity #25 instead, end result will be the same. Tested on my friend’s VDF and proven to have worked.

4) Marking out of the shims: Mark out the washer on the clear plastic sheet using the marker.
Hamster Damper Modification (4)

5) Fold the marked out washer for ease of cutting, remember to cut the smaller inner hole first. Folding of the marked out washer for ease of cutting.
Hamster Damper Modification (5)

6) Cutting of the clear plastic. Cut it out with a curve scissors, normal scissors will do fine too.
Hamster Damper Modification (6)

7) Hamster82’s SHIM Completed.
Hamster Damper Modification (7)

8 ) The picture shows that the shim is actually covering the piston hole fully, for TRF shock damper this set-up is fine and I am using it. Reason is because the design of the trf dampers allows some oil to slip thru the piston from the side wall of the shock’s cylinder. So covering piston hole fully will result in optimum rebound rate.
Hamster Damper Modification (8)

9) The size of how the DIY shim on HPI SHOCK Pistons should be. Outline of the outer diameter is being deleted, the hamster shim will be smaller.
For HPI Dampers
There is minimum or no free play on the pistons edges, therefore you have to cut the shim smaller. Blocking the hole fully will result is VERY VERY VERY SLOW rebound that is not suitable for CS Drifting. To have a smaller Shim diameter this can be achieved by cutting away the outline of the shim
Hamster Damper Modification (9)

10) Left DIY Shim is for HPI Piston, Right is for TRF Piston (Note: The difference is size)
Hamster Damper Modification (10)

11) Install the shim to the piston and shock shaft.
Hamster Damper Modification (11)

12) Trinity #30 shock oil
Hamster Damper Modification (12)

13) Getting ready to fill the oil
Hamster Damper Modification (13)

Pay close attention to the next few steps. It will explain how to install the shock oil such that the dampers will get the optimum rebound rate.

14) First pour the Oil till the cylinder is 3/4 ~ 4/5 full
Hamster Damper Modification (14)

15) Push the shock piston to as high up as possible, this will ensure rebound rate is optimum. Slow yet responsive.
Hamster Damper Modification (15)

16) Fill up the shock oil till the cylinder is full.
Hamster Damper Modification (16)

17) Cap the cylinder and you are done 1 of 4 dampers.
Hamster Damper Modification (17)

18) Now repeat the steps for the next 3 dampers.

Hope you guys enjoyed what I had shared and have fun CS drifting. This idea is what I came up with after cracking my brain for a good few months. I am glad that I am still alive and kicking although less a few brain cells. So wish you guys all the best in your dampers set-up.

We would like to thank Hamster82 for allowing us to publish this modification. We would also like to thank the person that passed along the message to Hamster. Thank you guys!

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  1. Super sick mod. Car is more stable in huge sweepers and car doesn’t flip super fast. Excellent addition to your tuning bible. I am using trf’s

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