Countersteer CS modifications has been increasing in popularity in the past few years. RC Drift Spec chassis with mid-ship motor position like the VDF, TC-FD, TC-D and many more have become the standard of high performance chassis. These midship chassis coupled with countersteer modifications can pose a minor problem as users increase their CS ratios. As the center drive pulleys increase in size, it will cause the belt to contact the motor. This simple fix will increase the overall life of your drive belts and protect the beautiful anodized finish on the motor.

-Scissors or Hobby knife
-Old decal sheets (from previous painted bodies and kits)

1. Inspect where the belt is rubbing and make note of the position. Check to ensure proper tension in the belt. Check the tensioners first to ensure that the drive belt is raised enough to miss the motor while in motion.
(Warning: Do not over tighten belts, they require a certain amount of freedom during movement. Over tightening belts will cause them to break or wear faster. An over tensioned belt can also tweak the chassis.)
Motor Anodize Protect (1)

2. Remove the motor from the motor bulkhead.
Motor Anodize Protect (2)

3. Find an old decal sheet from any previous build shells or kits. I am using a decal sheet from a recent Tamiya R32 project.
Motor Anodize Protect (3)

4. Using scissors or a hobby knife (be careful). Cut a section from the clear area of the decal sheet. Make sure it is wide enough so that it is larger than the width of your drive belt and long enough to wrap around your motor.
Motor Anodize Protect (4)

5. After peeling off the piece of the cut off decal, wrap the decal around the motor where the belt is rubbing.
(NOTE: I am only using a decal with the writing “Tamiya” on it so that the decal becomes visible in pictures. When method is performed with a clear decal, the decal will be nearly invisible)
Motor Anodize Protect (5)Motor Anodize Protect (6)

6. Re-install your motor and relax knowing that your drive belt will last longer and the anodizing of your motor is safe. Eventually you will need to replace the decal as it will deteriorate over a period of time.
Motor Anodize Protect (7)

Thanks for reading, the following article was contributed by DORIYAA.

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