Eagle Racing Countersteer Kit for TA05 VDF

Eagle Racing has created a full countersteer kit for the Tamiya TA-05 VDF chassis. This kit is created specifically for the TA05 VDF only; the belts will not fit the Eagle TA-05 GRT chassis. The Eagle VDF CS kit will be a 1.84 countersteer ratio. The alloy pulleys are anodized blue to match any blue TA05 VDFs; unfortunately not available in gold. Check them out today!

Note: The kit includes a center one-way to drive the front differential. A center one-way will have the greatest impact on the car when the brakes are applied, it allows the front wheels to free spin while the rear wheels are under braking. Basically a center one-way will add the e-brake effect to your car; very similar to a front one-way differential with less aggressive braking effect.

Eagle Racing CS Kit Contents:

  • Center One-Way Pulley 16T
  • 23T center pulley
  • 28T rear pulley x1
  • Reinforced Front and Rear Belts
  • Belt Tensioner Parts
  • Source: Eagle Racing Japan