Max Speed Technology MS-01D VIP Chassis Kit

MST MS-01D VIP Edition (1)Max Speed has announced a new version of the MS-01D VIP edition chassis. The new VIP edition is now available in a silver version, it is also available in a traditional blue also. The MS-01D VIP edition chassis comes with 98% of all the option parts available for the MST MS-01D chassis. Loaded with carbon fiber and aluminium alloy, this is a high performance RC Drift chassis. It comes assembled from the factory and only several small steps are necessary before you can drive it. The new MST MS-01D VIP kit is the luxury edition of the MS-01D chassis line-up. There are no more option parts for this chassis! For those people that prefer a fully loaded MS-01D chassis, this is the one to get.

This is the FULL OPTION version of the MST MS-01D chassis, there are not more upgrades after this. The only other part that could be considered an “Option Part” would be the MST FS front motor conversion kit.
MST MS-01D VIP Edition (2)MST MS-01D VIP Edition (4)MST MS-01D VIP Edition (3)
MST MS-01D VIP Chassis Kit Features:

  • Aluminum servo mount
  • Aluminum front one-way unit
  • Aluminum Motor heatsink mount
  • Aluminum Damper set (4)
  • Aluminum spur gear holder cover
  • Aluminum spur gear holder
  • Aluminum uprights(2) (2sets)
  • Aluminum high torque servo saver
  • Aluminum spool unit
  • Aluminum Steering arm
  • Aluminum belt stabilizer mount
  • Aluminum belt pulley
  • Blue aluminum upper bulkhead left and right (2 sets)
  • Aluminum main shaft mount left and right
  • Blue aluminum bulkhead left and right (2 sets)
  • Aluminum Turn-buckle shaft 3x60mm
  • Aluminum Turn-buckle shaft set (for ms-01d 20×2/25×4/28×2)
  • Aluminum wheel hubs (brake disc shaped)(4) with Brake Calipers (4)
  • Aluminum CVD universal shaft set(2) (2sets)
  • Coil Spring set 28mm (8)
  • Stabilizer set
  • CS pulley set (1.54/1.66/1.82)
  • Carbon front upper deck
  • Carbon rear upper deck
  • Carbon front damper stay
  • Carbon rear damper stay
  • Carbon bulkhead brace (1set)
  • Carbon main chassis
  • Carbon ESC plate
  • 5.8x4mm ball connector (4)
  • 5.8x6mm ball connector (4)
  • 4.8mm ball connector nut (4)
  • Great Angle tire
  • Silver black BBS wheels +6mm offset (4)
  • Approximate MSRP: $650USD

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