May 2014 Body of the Month Winner

Another month down, here is the winner of the DriftMission May Body of Month Contest. Check out the fine detail on this outstanding ABC Hobby 180SX Replica.

  • Design: Body was created as a replica of a famous company bad quality, unfortunately the guys there did not have any help and had to do everything myself on photographs. Many thanks which gave an opportunity to collect this box.
  • Body: ABC hobby + Addiction rocket bunny
  • Paint: paint used parma, color formed by mixing several colors
  • Wheels: mikuni factory
  • Accessories: accessory retractable headlights d’craft seat outclip hand made: diffuser, Splitters, muffler.
  • Description: “body created very carefully and long enough, it is one of the most challenging projects I did. Thanks for the great support of my team easy88made “

bansky - May 2014 RC Drift Body of The Month Winner - DriftMission Forums (1)

Thanks to everyone who entered and voted!!


    lougc8 17.65% 6 17.65%
    L3gTxDomo 0% 0 0%
    ash_jarvis 5.88% 2 5.88%
    bansky 29.41% 10 29.41%
    P!PES 11.76% 4 11.76%
    Hoach 26.47% 9 26.47%
    wilkewhaq 8.82% 3 8.82% RC Drifting Forums

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