RC-Art CE-RX Project Reload

RC-Art: The Dream Team has just announced that they will be restocking the very popular CE-RX chassis for the 2012 year. The CE-RX chassis has always been in high demand since its initial release in early 2011. Available in 2 distinct versions; the White Wolf and the Crimson Lightning. Often sold out and very rarely seen on the second hand market. Seems to be a production delay, now available late February of 2012.

The RC-Art CE-RX series is based off the popular Alex Racing Design CER chassis. This is very evident when you look at the integrated front differential and motor bulkhead. The CE-RX does have several distinct features that separate it from the ARD CER series.
The most noticeable is the main chassis plate, it is a very slim design. The upper chassis plates are also uniquely designed for style and best performance. This is a high traction chassis design, so the main chassis is 2.0mm thickness; optimized flex characteristics for better traction. The dual bottom chassis plate design also allow for better adjust-ability of the overall chassis flex, this allows for greater tuning options. Another very good feature about the CE-RX is the use of R31 based suspension arms and steering system. This means the CE-RX utilizes the best features from several different chassis. The result is a high performance chassis designed to RC Drift.
RC-Art CE-RX White Wolf

  • Front pulley 39T
  • Front center pulley 15T
  • Rear center pulley 18T
  • Rear pulley 32T
  • Front one-way axle
  • Rear solid axle
  • Silver Carbon
  • Gun-metal anodized
  • Approximate MSRP: ¥54800JPY
    RC-Art CE-RX Crimson Lightning

  • Front pulley 36T
  • Front center pulley 16T
  • Rear center pulley 18T
  • Rear pulley 36T
  • Front ball differential
  • Rear solid axle
  • Black Carbon
  • Red anodized
  • Approximate MSRP: ¥54800JPY
    Source: RC-ART: The Dream Team

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