Tamiya TB Evo 6 Touring Car Chassis

The Tamiya TB Evolution line-up of shaft drive 4WD racing machines began its lineage in the year 2000. Since that time the machines released in subsequent years have evolved. The new TB Evo 6 continues the tradition of evolution by introducing new design elements and proven parts from many of Tamiya’s other 4WD touring car platforms.
The TB EVO 6 shares the same drive train as seen in the TB-04 tub chassis machine, which uses a horizontally positioned motor for optimal torque displacement balance. TRF designers have also incorporated other tweaks to bring club racers the perfect weapon for spec motor club racing. These tweaks include suspension parts from the TRF418 as well as carried over parts from the TB-04.

Featured Components:

  • One-Piece Motor Mount
  • Touring Car Aluminum Short Dampers
  • Carbon F/R Damper Stay & Mount
  • TRF418 Suspension Arms
  • 5mm Alu. Ball Nut (Blue)
  • 3x42mm Alu. Turnbuckle Shaft
  • Hi-Torque Servo Saver

Key Design Features:

  • A symmetrical layout was adopted to endow the chassis with flexibility when cornering. The servo is attached on one side only to optimize left/right roll characteristics.
  • Newly-designed steering arms help to lower speed loss when cornering and boost steering response.
  • The motor is horizontally positioned in order to gain the maximum possible drivetrain efficiency and make the Evolution 6 easy to control.
  • The aluminum gear mount ensures smoother bevel gear movement during acceleration and deceleration.
  • The TB EVO 6 includes newly designed high capacity “big bore” short dampers which provide a whole new level of performance, raising the chassis’ grip and stability.
  • Thanks to a lightweight and highly durable front direct coupling, the Evo.6 enjoys excellent throttle response.


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