Weld Overdose Scion FR-S 3D Decals

Weld Overdose has announced realistic 3D decals for their recent release of the Weld Overdose Scion FR-S Drift body. New printing technology has enabled Overdose to create such details for their new bodies.
The new 3D Grille emblem and lights will add a new dimension to your scale body. The entire decal set includes head-light and tail-light wraps, door handles, front grille emblem, and not to mention Scion and OD emblems.

Weld Overdose Scion FR-S 3D Decals

  • Part Number: OD1580
  • 3D Graphic Decals
  • More realistic look!
  • Includes 3D Lights
  • 3D Grille emblem
  • Front and rear light lenses
  • Scion and Overdose emblems included

Approximate MSRP: ¥2700JPY

Source: Weld Overdose

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