Yokomo MR4TC BD4 by Murdock

Setup Impressions:
Testing this chassis is always a pleasure. Generally it takes me several battery cycles in order to get my setting on par for drifting. Either I geeked out on this chassis way too much before hand or I got mad luckily. First try testing the BD4 ran perfectly!!! All the chassis required was some steering sub trim setting, and I was pimping sideways like Formula D drivers! Here are my settings.

Make: Yokomo
Model: MR4TC-BD4
Track surface: Carpet
Tire: HPI T-Drift slick
Motor & ESC: XERun 4.5T with XERun 120A version 2 ESC

Camber: 3
Toe: 0
Caster hubs: 0
Ride height: 6.5mm
Springs: Yokomo TC soft
Bumper weight: 0
Sway-Bar: No
Shock Oil: 30wt
Other: Yokomo One Way

Camber: 2
Toe: 2.5
Ride height: 3.5mm
Springs: Yokomo TC medium
Sway-Bar: Yes – Soft
Shock Oil: 30wt
Other: Yokomo BD5 Solid Rear Axle

Drive Train
Front: 40T
Center: 20T/20T
Rear: 40T
Spur: 31T 64pitch
Pinion: 103T 64pitch
Other: Center One Way
Gearing: Final drive = 6.65


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