R2 Hobbies Stealth Body Mounts Review


R2 Hobbies has once again brought an expensive product from the Japanese market down to bargain prices. This time they have adopted a set of adjustable stealth body mounts for your 1:10 scale RC cars, similar to Waru Mounts. No more drilling holes into your RC body, or ugly body posts. These front mounts are mounted onto existing front body posts and rear mounts directly onto the rear damper stays where body posts previous occupy. Utilizing what is commonly known as Velcro, your body is easily attached or removed from your chassis. These body mounts are very inexpesive at approximately $15USD/¥1160JPY/€11EUR.

Overall Quality

Not sure exactly what type of aluminum alloy it is made of and R2 does not specify. The mounts appear to be quite sturdy. The anodized color was less than consistent, some of the anodization was different a different shade from the rest of the mount. The mismatch in color is dissapointing, but not a big problem, at least it is very inexpensive compared to geniune Waru mounts. The Magic Tape Adhesive provided by R2 hobbies is less than adequate, we recommend going to purchase your own from your local store. The mounts are held together and adjusted using grub screws. When the grub screws are tightened it does scar the aluminum, which leads us to believe the material is not of high quality alloy.

Product Review

The packaging is nothing to brag about, its similar to many other R2 Hobbies products. Their emphasis is low cost, so their packaging also reflects that philosophy. The assmebly instructions was sub par, showing only a picture of it mounted, and two small schematic diagrams for installation. The instructions are simple and to the point, it is enough to get the point across; although these mounts are pretty simple to install and instructions are not necessary.

We attempted to install this stealth mount on a number of different chassis

  • Yokomo MR4TC SD SSG chassis: The stealth mounts installed without a problem, but I should note that the rear damper stay used on this version of the Yoke is the narrower version and not the wide one.
  • Eagle Racing TA05 GRT chassis: The mounts did not fit quite that well. The larger of the two mounting surfaces do not fit the front or the rear nicely. Tamiya front posts are narrower than Yokomo or R31 chassis so the larger surface is marginally too big to fit nicely. Using the smaller mount and some spacers would fit nicely. The Eagle rear damper stay is slightly narrower than Tamiya rear damper stays, so using larger mount on the rear does not fit at all. Ideally two smaller mounting surfaces would be ideal for mounting on this specific chassis.
  • Tamiya TA-05/TB-03 tub chassis: Same problem as the Eagle TA05 GRT chassis.
  • Tamiya TRF chassis: I used an old TRF415MS to test it, and it works perfectly, the large surface fits across the rear damper stays. Which leaves the smaller mounting surface for mounting across the front posts. Pretty good fit with use of several spacers.
  • Hot Bodies Cyclone TC chassis: No problems mounting, it is very similar to the TRF chassis where the front post width is just slightly narrower. Small surface up front, large surface in the rear, several washers later, it was mounted without a problem.
  • Max Speed Technology MS-01D chassis: It does fit if you mount it in a creative way, small surface up front and larger one on the rear. A set of the droop screws are turned towards the inside which make it annoying to adjust, but that aside, it was no problem.
  • (Street Jam, Kazama, TEH) R31 based chassis: We did not have one to test it on, but it was mounted on a TEH-R31 by R2 hobbies so we assume all would fit on the R31 based chassis without a problem.
  • Overall Value

    For $15USD the value is quite good. Initially we were very skeptical as to how well these mounts would perform and found that it does work quite well. There were a number of occasions where the car collided with another car or the wall and the body was very sturdy, we suspect changing the velcro makes a small difference. Overall it is very good value for the cost of the item, it does not compare to the geniune mounts, it is a very inexpensive solution to remove those hideous body posts.


    These R2 Hobbies stealth body mounts is a very inexpensive way do away with those body posts. It also means that you no longer have to drill holes into your body and ruin a perfectly nice looking paint job. Granted the quality is not as good as the geniune Waru mounts, however the price is in another dimension of its own. The aluminum alloy used should have been of higher quality and durability, but for $15USD, it is hard to argue with. Just remember that you do get what you pay for, so do not be surprised if these eventually fail.

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