Eagle Racing R31 Active Brakes Set


Eagle Racing presents Active Brake Disks and Calipers. These new option parts will add more real details to your RC Drift chassis. These ER Active Brake calipers and discs are made for Street Jam and similar R31 front and rear knuckles/uprights. They include everything you need to bolt on and enjoy. They are available in dark blue, blue, red, and gold anodized colors. Once mounted they provide the stationary brake caliper with rotating disks.

Overall Quality

Kit Contents:
4x Alloy brake discs
6x Red alloy calipers
4x Fastening screws
4x Thin shims
The parts are nicely machined, the quality of aluminum is very good. The brake disks spin very true and fits nicely between the caliper gap. One of the first thing we noticed was the presence of aluminum burrs in cross-drilled and slotted brake discs. There were some minor aesthetic imperfections in some areas but really not easy to notice. The rear caliper mounting onto the upright was not fully threaded for the hardware they provided.

Product Review

Eagle has done a very good job packaging their products. All the parts are shown and nicely separated, you can clearly see what you are getting. Majority of items include instructions for assembly. Generally they are only in Japanese, but the pictures and labels are enough for any foreigner to get by. These parts were very easy to install and definitely aesthetically pleasing! The design is very well thought out and works very well with R31 uprights, stock or eagle after-market.

Overall Value

MSRP for these parts is approximately $36.99USD, but can be bought at certain retailers for less. This is a good deal for aluminum option parts for your chassis, especially ones that add more scale look to your chassis. These alloy parts sure look much better than plastic dress-up accessories. These parts are quite precise with the exception of some burrs at certain machined edges. The rotational clearance is especially good and these parts work very well.


Eagle has done a good job satisfying RC Drifter taste for realism and scale accessories. Their growing line-up of conversion kits, option parts and near full chassis is really gotten the attention of the RC Drift community. We really like the look of these parts however they do not fit everyone’s budget. They are an expensive addition for budget drifters. Unfortunately the instructions are only in Japanese, but diagrams and labels sure help solve that slight problem. Perhaps Eagle will start doing English translations on their webpage. Overall the Eagle R31 Active Brake set is very good looking and reasonably priced.

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