oneTEN Scale Tire Rack Review


These new tire racks look fantastic! Recently announced by oneTEN is a new tire rack for adding that real 1:1 effect. This tire rack is made by hand in California! We have seen many people attempt to create their own track accessories and tire racks are a staple. Most of the custom tire racks we have seen are created from styrene and take quite a bit of time to build. These new racks are proper 1/10 scale and are available now for a great price!

Overall Quality

These hand made tire racks are made from aluminum and have a nice ‘unfinished’ look to them. I was tempted to paint it at first, but it starts to grow on you. oneTEN has done a great job in replicating 1:1 tire racks, these are made to last.
Tire Rack

Product Review

After looking at other tire racks including custom made racks, we were hoping someone would step up and create some tire racks. oneTEN has done a great job on this rack! The metal is solid and holds up to some abuse. We even accidentally ran into the rack during a drift session and knocked the tires off, it didn’t break or show any signs of damage!

Overall Value

When you consider the time put in to creating the custom made racks out of styrene or metal rods. Buying one already made for $15 is reasonable or purchase multiples and receive bigger discounts! We have been so impressed by the quality and look of these, that we have ordered more for the DriftMission track 🙂


You can’t go wrong with the oneTEN tire rack as it will be sure to add a real 1:1 scale look to your track or setup. We have received numerous comments on our YouTube channel regarding these racks and where to order! Which shows they do stand out even in the background of a video!
DM Tire Rack
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