Team Tetsujin Billet Handle Review


Team Tetsujin recently released a billet aluminium steering grip for Futaba and Sanwa pistol grip remote controls. The new aluminium steering grip is machined from a high quality durable aluminium alloy then anodized in several different colours for best performance and style. These new steering grips offer best driver feel and comfort for both RC drifting and racing needs.
This new Team Tetsujin billet aluminium steering grip is used by many popular RC drifter and racers alike, such as Hiroshi Suzuki, Drift 44, Bouzu, Gyaosu and many more. These billet aluminium steering grips are made for many of the popular Futaba and Sanwa radio transmitters, such as the 4PKS, 4PK, 4PL and M11. The approximate MSRP for the aluminium grips is ¥5800JPY.
For this review, we used an after-market steering wheel to replace original Spektrum wheel. The original specktrum wheel is too small and will not fit these billet handles. We obtained the 3PK version of the Tetsujin Billet Handle that fit perfectly onto the after-market wheel.

Overall Quality

The Team Tetsujin Billet Handle is made from high quality aluminum, and comes with a pair of clear power grip rings. Team Tetsujin also includes a metal transmitter logo for style. The Spektrum DX3R was replaced with R2 Hobbies after-market wheel. The after-market wheel included a foam grip, which was not durable and was torn after 3 weeks of use. The Tetsujin billet handle is a good replacement for the weak foam grip. The billet handle is well packaged and offers a wide array of color options, along with different color power grip rings. The combinations are endless and provide an excellent feel on the hand. I was worried that this may be a rougher type of aluminum, but was pleasantly surprised by the feel. The aluminum handle has been polished to a brilliant shine and softness.

Product Review

Team Tetsujin has been providing high quality plastic products to the Japanese market for a long time. The time and attention to detail is shown in the overall quality of their products. There were absolutely no burrs or blemishes on the billet handle, everything was as you would expect for a high end billet handle. The billet handle is very nice on the fingers and feels more solid than any other handle I have tried. The 2012 version added power grips that add an extra bit of grip, especially handy for countersteer. The transmitter emblem adds a nice look to any remote.

Overall Value

DriftMission has been very curious on the quality and overall feel of this product since we first featured it back in 2011. The billet handle comes with the power grips and transmitter emblem for 5800YEN, which is roughly $60-70 USD. The price may seem high for a radio wheel, but rest assured it is worth every penny. Unfortunately these aren’t available at your local hobby stores, so you will need to have one shipped from Tetsujin or another retailer in Japan that carries Team Tetsujin. We can confirm that shipping rates from Team Tetsujin are very fair and well priced. The billet handle is made of aluminum so this will add some weight to your transmitter. Overall the feel of the Tetsujin Billet Handle is very practical and stylish.


So if you’re in the market for a new grip on your radio, do consider the Team Tetsujin Billet Handle. These are great for any application not just RC Drift, after a few hours of use, none of our testers were willing to put it down.

With the overall quality of the product we can safely recommend this handle to all of our visitors.

No longer do you need to replace the cheap foam grip that comes with most radios, get the Team Tetsujin billet handle and be done once and for all. We really can’t complain with all the options provided when it comes to colors and feel.

Remember if you spend more than 15,000YEN with Team Tetsujin, as a DriftMission visitor you will receive a 10% discount on your order.

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