TN-Racing C-max Conversion

TN-Racing (Japan) has announced a C-Max conversion for the Yokomo Drift Package. It is a Carbon conversion kit for the Yokomo Drift Package. This kit converts the traditional Drift Package layout to that of the Yokomo D-max. The conversion kit shifts the motor forward and is approximately 100g lighter than tradition Yokomo DP. TN-Racing has also improved the design of the C-max giving it further configurability over the D-max. A newly designed aluminum motor mount and center bulkhead enhance lower center of gravity and rigidity in the chassis. The new reversible motor mount allows the motor, servo and esc to be switched from side to side to the users liking. The battery position can also be adjusted by 6mm front and rear, so you can better balance the car to the specific driving conditions. This chassis does require a saddle pack lipos versus the traditional single lipo pack. With so many new features and more, this conversion kit is something worth checking out if you are looking for an upgrade from the traditional tub chassis.
Features:Separate Battery style and shifting weight to rear end > more stability for drifting!
– Reversible Motor and Servo/ESC layout
– Battery position can be adjusted by 6mm to front or rear for better weight distribution
– Newly designed steering cranks make for adjustable bump steer
– Newly designed aluminium motor mount, aluminium cneter bulkhead enhance low center of gravity and rigidity
– 1150 size bearing for center input shaft for improved efficiency of drive system
– Easy maintenance (changing spur gear only requires removing 5 screws)
– New D-Bar rear end design to enhance traction and maximum drifting.
– Pitching will be adjusted with torque rod and roll direction will be adjusted with rear bone.
– Super lightweight! (Approx 100g lighter than Yokomo Drift Package)
– TN-racing will have a complete line of hop-ups availble for the C-max

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